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Screen Shots

Main Screen

ConnectedText has an advanced user-interface with multiple views that can be docked anywhere in the screen. You can see at same time the current topic, its relationship to other topics, a complete list of available topics, number of revisions of the current topic, categories and much more. More than one project can be open at same time, using tabbed views.


ConnectedText has an exclusive topic navigation tool. With it you can see all relationships of a topic and navigate between them, create new topics from a selected one, creating automatically a link. It is also possible to rename, delete or add an icon to a topic. The graph supports zoom, pan and rotate. All colors can be customized.

Image Support

ConnectedText supports several image types. You can include them in your topics using drag and drop or adding a command, in a simple and elegant way.


ConnectedText has a fully capable outliner. ConnectedText's outlining view works like a one-pane outliner. Topics can be dragged into the outline view turning it in a two-pane outliner.


The built-in editor includes many advanced features: completion proposal, spell checker, line numbering, search and replace, incremental search and complete customization. You can even navigate between topics in edit mode clicking in topic links.


Plugins are powerful tools that enable ConnectedText to add information to topics dynamically. The possibilities are bounded only by your imagination. Some ideas: generate charts, include texts from external source, query a database and create a table with the results.

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