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Topic Navigator

ConnectedText has a unique feature that allows easy navigation between topics. The navigator builds a graph starting from the current topic, showing every topic that can reached from it. Below it is shown the graph starting from the welcome topic of the sample project distributed with it.

Note that each node of the graph has a color indicator at upper left corner. It indicates that the node is fully expanded (green) or not (red). To expand any node, just double click in it. Automatically it will expand. Take a look at the sequence below. The node "Formatting paragraphs" is double clicked. Then node "Cascading Style Sheets" is clicked.

When a node is expanded all nodes are rearranged. It is fun to watch them move. See the complete list of features of ConnectedText.

Try it now for free during 30 days. We are sure it will change your way to keep your notes.

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